Compared: jQuery and Mootools

So after reading a very good comparison between the two frameworks, I have to say I feel good about my decision to use Mootools in pretty much all of the sites I build. This isn't because of some nebulous reasoning about Mootools being better than jQuery, but the facts are

  • They both do different things, and do them very well
  • They intersect in some places (mainly DOM parsing)
  • They both have their uses, pros, and cons

I was considering looking into switching beeets.com to use jQuery, but wanted to do some research beforehand. I'm glad I did.

It seems that jQuery is popular because it removes the hassle of doing everyday Javascript chores. Quite frankly, I've known Javascript for quite some time, and don't mind getting my hands dirty in it. So using a framework that abstracts that out and creates what seems like (from reading the syntax) a whole new language makes me groan.

Mootools seems to better extend Javascript itself, and provides the tools to extend it even more. So if you already know JS fairly well, you can look at Mootools code and still tell what's going on even if you only have an extremely limited knowledge of Mootools. It also implements some great features that allow you to reuse code extremely intelligently. So intelligently, in fact, that in much of the code on beeets.com (JS heavy), we're actually not tapping into the full power of Mootools. Whoops.

That is another point I wanted to bring up, though. When Mootools 1.11 and earlier was around, things were great. The framework was good, the docs were good, the examples were good. Come 1.2, they changed their site (much uglier), castrated the examples, and the documentation is, in my opinion, pretty jenky. There are no good tutorials on their site, and it seems like there are many features I've never tapped into because, well, I just never knew about them.

This is half my fault, half Mootools'. I should be doing my research, but educating those using your framework is a must as well. Let's hope they work on it, and in the meantime I've got some reading to do. It doesn't help that the update from 1.11 to 1.2 changed an assload of conventions, classes, and method names.

All in all, it seems like Mootools is the way to go if you are already great at Javascript...and I am. That being said, it may be worth me learning jQuery to do simpler DOM parsing and AJAX. For larger projects that actually need to reuse big pieces of code and do more than parse the DOM, I'll gladly stick to Mootools.

Let the flames begin...