Spam entry: A website, for FREE

This is a post in a series of spam responses I’m doing after creating a new domain for my website. After receiving a flood of sales calls and emails, I’m deciding to have some fun.

I’m pretty sure the word “free” is somewhere in Vik’s email. Right??

Dear Andrew,

I just wanted to know if you would need any assistance with your domain da-wedding-website.com. We can help you in building a new website or a mobile application for your domain.

We can also help you with SEO/ASO of any of your existing websites or mobile applications.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you,

DB Web Apps
Phone: +1 415-671-6239
Email: info@dbwebapps.com


A website? For FREE? That’s a great deal! Most of the other people sending me emails want to charge me money. This is terrific! My wife will be so pleased at the great deal i have found. Why don’t you send a few free design ideas and I will look them over and tell you which is the best and then you can start work immediately for free.

I am blown away by your generosity.

In a world inundated with greed and selfishness, the biggest gesture one can make is an act of selflessness. Thank you, Vik, for your revolutionary kindness.