• 201507.18

    Switching to Jekyll

    I’ve decided to get rid of Wordpress that was on blog.killtheradio.net as well as the PHP site at killtheradio.net and combine both into a Jekyll blog on the http://killtheradio.net/ domain.

    Moving to Jekyll from Wordpress took a few days, but I got all my posts moved, edited to fix formatting errors, and switching all discussions to use Disqus (and of course imported the old comments).

    This site now works on mobile devices as well.

    There are a few reasons for all this, but mainly I’ve been intrigued by the idea of static site generators for a while now and wanted to try it out. Also, as time went on, I grew to desipise Wordpress, including all the idiotic security vulnerabilities I suffered through week after week. It’s a slapped-together platform, and the plugins for it are even worse.

    There’s a certain thrill to authoring and publishing new content using only the command line.